Sunday, November 19, 2006

Defunct and Derelict

my life has gotten better now that my debts are cleared. the bitch hasn't been bugging me, but she still owes me quite a sum of money. sigh. anyway i won't be updating this blog anymore. at least i doubt so. coz i'll be busy updating my swordplay choreography group's website, Team SEJA.

since my vocation requires videography and photography on top of video editing, i've taken up photography as a new hobby. that is as and when i can practice it. you can find my photos down here.

last updates include me having quit my band, since i cannot dedicate any more of my time into music and guitar. i will be spending that time taking up various sword-related martial arts to improve my ability in that area for use in swordplay choreography.

i've taken down the music section of my blog, since i won't be updating it anymore. i suppose nearly 6mths of the same music would have driven fans who come here mad. and apparently something happened to i've taken that down too.

future updates of my life, albeit in a business/professional point of view can be found at my swordplay choreography website, whose link u can find earlier in this post.

have a gd rest of the year. have a gd christmas. have a gd new year. and the other holidays and the like for the rest of your life.

May The Force Stay Blessed and Prosper

Monday, June 12, 2006


Been a really hectic weekend.
ndp rehearsals.. swordplay practice for Sunday's event... then Sunday's event + mascoting stint...

I've finally decided to quit smoking. for good. It's been a week odd since I smoked and I'm very proud of myself.. thanks to those around me who have the heart to help me quit by not offering me cigs and etc.

fell sick, either it's the rain, the hectic weekend or the throat infection I'm having. or all of the above. had bad fever the day before but a couple of panadols helped a bit. When I went to work this morning, my throat seemed to get worst.. Went to see the MO at work this morning, the temperature they took from my ear was 38.6 degrees Celsius, but I heard that the thermometer that they put under your tongue is more accurate, and it measured 39.4. lol. but the doc onli gave me panadol, some tablets for flu, cough syrup, and anti-inflammatory lozenges. i was wondering where's the anti-biotics. oh well. i hope my immune system and the anti-inflammatory lozenges are enough.. he gave me 1 day mc and the next 2 days light duty. i'm like thinking, only 1 day? and what the hell am i supposed to do during light duty? i'm already doing office work. sheesh. maybe that means i'll be excused from any video/photo coverage if there was any. that's the onli thing i can think of..

on another note, seja is gaining prominence. infact I've gotten myself a lot of event and function deals with Movie Mania. but we still have a LOT of things to work out on. sigh. so much to do..

you folks are prolly sick of this current song i'm using. so i'm gonna change to something light hearted.

Samurai Drive by Hitomi

Kono mama tooku e ikou ka
Akogare datta kono tabiji
Mawarimichi ni saite ita akai hana ni yoishireru

Tachikomeru arashi no naka
Furimukeba ukabiagaru
NISEMONO datta bokutachi no aoi kodou

I don't know way of truth ga nan da kanaa
Ukiyobanare no ai wo komete

Itsumo sou sa risou no saki ni wa
Kibou dake ga hishimekiau Peaceful World
Shoudouteki na ai wo kakiwakete
Soshite boku wa yuku yo

Tachikomeru arashi no naka
Furimukeba ukabiagaru
KUSEMONO datta bokutachi no aoi honoo

I don't know way of truth ga nan da kanaa
Mizoremajiri no ai wo komete

Itsumo sou sa risou no saki ni wa
S.O.S. ga hishimekiau Discord
Bousou heki na yoru wo tsukinukete
Soshite boku wa yuku yo
Fugainai nante jibun wo semen'na
Ai subeki mon wa
Saishuuteki nya bokura-tte Dreamer!?
Tsugi no basho e

English Translation

Shall we keep on like this and drive far away
on this trip we've been looking forward to so long
taken by the sight of red flowers blooming on the detour

When we look back,
we see our faked youthful excitement,
floating amidst the storm.

I don't know the way of truth, what could it be?
with my cloistral love.

at the nexus of my ideals,
it's my hopes that always get packed in tight together
Peaceful World.
an impulsive love pushes through
and then I go on.

When we look back
we see our suspicious blue flame
floating amidst the storm

I don't know the way of truth, what could it be?
with my sleet-like love

at the nexus of my ideals
an SOS gets packed in tight together in Discord
cut through the delusional night
and I go.

don't blame yourself for being so unreliable
your true love is your present merry go round
in the end are we just Dreamers?
to the next place, LIFE GOES ON

Monday, May 29, 2006


the event at SHATEC, we swordplayed to this soundtrack. file downloadable from seja website.
the actual track used was edited, first part was a 1min track for the non-duel kata, while the 2nd is around 2.45mins for the duel.

Friday, May 26, 2006


well, i'm sorry if i haven't updated my fans on what's been going on.. haha.
life is gd, my debts are 99% cleared. i'm feeling better already.
life in ns is better. office politics are almost gone, almost everyone is fine with me. cept for 1 asshole who a lot of ppl don't like. i don't think i need to mention any name. those who read my blog would already know who.

been busy with my swordplay team. and i'm finally making it official. my SEJA team had an event last nite. more details on the event over here at our website.

more videos coming up soon from the event.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

possible communication problems

ok my hp's lcd screen just died on me today. i can still receive smses, but i won't be able to read or reply(my inbox's full anyway so pls don't sms). i can still call, provided i remember your number. if there's anything important, pls pls, call me instead. need to get a spare phone fast..

Thursday, March 23, 2006

our best photo so far i think. at this rate, i might just turn into a cam whore since i recently acquired a new digi cam, hahahha Posted by Picasa
more photos yay! Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 20, 2006

here's the other. oh and i just noticed. on IE, the youtube video doesn't turn out properly even.. so no more videos on my blog.. for compability reasons. Posted by Picasa
the new gf i was talking about recently... hehe. sorry if the photos are a bit blurry, apparently the cam focus was in the background. oh well, better photos next time folks! oh and video doesn't seem to be working, so i uploaded the audio-only vers. enjoy! Posted by Picasa